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Chateau les Bouzigues
Chateau les Bouzigues Swimming Pool
Chateau les Bouzigues
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Chateau les Bouzigues
Chateau les Bouzigues
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The holiday flats
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Vineyard diary

In the following are the works described, which come up each season at the vineyard.
If you are interested in the details of each work in progress at the time of your stay we will be happy to introduce them to you.
It is a pleasure for us to explain our craft to you and we leave it up to you whether you like to accompany us a little bit at work. This is only possible in French or "with hands and feet".
This calendar is only a directive, because the exact timing gives us the nature. For this reason, works can be postponed of course.
January / February
- Pruning
- Fill new vintage in barrique
- Prepare old vintage for filling
- 1. Distillation Williams pears
March - Pour wine from one barrique to another
- Tieing of vines
April - 1. Cutting of water shoots
- Perhaps filling
May / June - 2. und 3. cut of water shoots
- Cutting of leaves
- Green Harvest
Juli - Pour wine from one barrique to another
- Tieing of vines and cutting of not wanted shoots
- Filling
- Cherry harvest and processing
August - Mirabelle harvesting and processing
- 1. Distillation of cherries
September - Filling
- Large cellar cleaning
- 1. Distillation of mirabelles
- Possibly from the 20th start of harvest
- Apple harvesting and processing
October - Harvest
- Fine fire of all 1st distillations (Chefs in person)
- Winemaking
- Einmaischung of Williams pears
November - Winemaking
- Sqeezing of new wine
- 1 Distilling of pomace
December - 1. Distilling of pomace
- 1. Distilling of Williams pears
- Pruning

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