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Chateau les Bouzigues
Chateau les Bouzigues Swimming Pool
Chateau les Bouzigues
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Chateau les Bouzigues
Chateau les Bouzigues
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Amid our 23-acre estate Château les Bouzigues a more than 350 years old stone house is situated, whose premises are ideal for producing great red wines.
For the storage of our wines, we have built an underground cellar with about 1,200 square meter in order to create perfect conditions for maturing the wine in barrels and bottles.
Our Château les Bouzigues is located about 35 miles south of St. Emilion and 30 km east of Sauternes in the southernmost part of Bordeaux. The floors are similar to those in the south side of St. Emilion (Château Pavie, Canon la Gaffeliere, Ausone, ...). With extremely low yield, 27 - 40 hectolitres per hectare and 5,000 vines per hectare, we are able to produce absolute top-quality Bordeaux wines with unbeatable favourable prices, because we do not have the cost structures of the prestigious regions of Bordeaux.
For nearly 20 years it is our desire to create best quality by craftsmanship and natural method and traditionally long aging of wines in barrels.
The wines of Château les Bouzigues are very mild with a lot of strength and elegance.
The storage potential of up to 30 years is enormous, even for Bordeaux!

Grapes 50% Merlot, 30% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc
Growing: Without herbicides, in January sharp downturn cut of the vines, in July cut of the not so beautiful grapes (30%).
Harvest: By hand in small containers, 3 to 4 passes for the best ripeness.
Vinification: Entrappung, 30-day temperature controlled fermentation in steel tank, then 15 to 27 months in partly new barrels, for at least 3 months maturing in bottles in the château cellar. Unfiltered filling!
Density: 5000 vines per hectare (much more than usual)
Yield: 27 - 40 hl / ha, this gives maximum 1 bottle per vine.
Production volume:
Red wine about 35,000 bottles
Marc (all varieties) about 1,500 bottles
William pear about 300 bottles
Plum, mirabelle, apple about 300 bottles
Cherry about 200 bottles
Château les Bouzigues
What Réserve means at our Château
  1. A maximum yield of 40 hectolitres per hectare. Since the harvest of 2000 only 27 to 30 hl.
  2. The grapes come from at least 25 years old vineyards.
  3. Selective harvest by hand with trained harvest helpers and selection in the vineyard.
  4. Traditionally open fermentation with repeated transfer per day by hand - without cultured yeast or other means.
  5. At least 20 days stay of must and grapes after the alcoholic fermentation.
  6. At least 24 months aging in 50% new and 50% used oak barrels.
  7. No filtration before filling, only a slight fining with protein.
  8. At least 5 months maturing in bottles in our underground wine cellar.
The Vintages 1998 to 2006 are currently available.
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